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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1989, 26(2), 51-55. English, sp

An automated method for fermentation process control.

Eyben, D.

Based on the principles of the Gay Lussac equation a completely automated fermentation process has been developed for cylindro conical fermentation and maturation tanks at the Sebastien Artois Brewery (annual output 1 m hl beer/year). To monitor the relationship between the quantity of sugars assimilated by yeast, fall in gravity and the amount of carbon dioxide produced a vortex gas flow meter was installed as sensor in the cylindro conical tanks. Monitoring is completely automated for one tank fermentation and maturation operating at 2 temperatures and 2 levels of counterpressure before the end fermented beer is cooled to 0 degrees C. Each fermenter is fitted with a piston valve on the cooling pipe, a temperature sensor plus automatic converter, 3 automated piston gas valves on the triple carbon dioxide network (to allow wort at atmospheric pressure, low and high carbon dioxide pressure) and 1 valve for connection with flow meter network. The measured carbon dioxide curve is compared with a theoretical curve by the supervising IBM PC. Investment needed for automation has amounted to 0.5 $/hl.
Keywords : analysis automatic brewery carbon dioxide cylindro conical tank fermentation temperature