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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1988, 25(3), 85-90. English, sp

Water desalination by reverse osmosis.

van der Berkmortel, H.A.

The application of reverse osmosis for the desalination of brewing water is explained for the Heineken Bahama and Holland Breweries. For the Bahamas water with a salinity of about 38000 mg/litre is desalinated in two consecutive reverse osmosis stages to a salt level of approximately 50 mg/litre. For the Zoeterwoude Brewery, Holland, potable water with a salt content of approximately 800 mg/litre is treated up to 30 mg/litre of salt and bicarbonate hardness is removed. A classification of reverse osmosis membrane is given. For desalination purposes spiral wound membranes are frequently used. General reverse osmosis treatment consists of pretreatment to remove solids and organics, reverse osmosis to remove salts, post treatment to arrive at a specific product water quality.
Keywords : beer brewing desalting reverse osmosis water