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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1988, 25(2), 62-66. English, sp

Physico-chemical stabilisation of beer - use of hydrolysable tannins for production of chill-proof beers.

Delcour, J.A., Van Loo, P., Moerman, E. and Vancraenenbroeck, R.

The use of hydrolysable tannins for the enhancement of colloidal stability, their chemistry and action are described. Reverse phase HPLC on a C18 column in a methanol in water product is the best method to detect low molecular weight contamination. Electrofocussing removed mainly the acidic protein fraction (responsible for haze fermentation) leaving foam proteins unaffected. The tanned protein fraction has a molecular weight of about 60000. Comparative pilot scale stabilisation tests were carried out on 4 beers and semi industrially on 2 beers using different doses of hydrogel, polyphenol absorbent and varying concentrations of hydrolysable tannins. Hydrolysable tannins yield the best colloidal stability data.
Keywords : beer chill proofing colloidal protein silica gel stabilisation stability tannin