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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1987, 24(4), 140-145. English, sp

Systematic design of flavor quality of a light beer - "kirin beer light".

Kimura, Y., Hashimoto, N., Nagashima, Y. and Yoshioka, K.

By means of multivariate analysis of flavour profiling scores and analytical data of flavour components of several types of beer a systematic procedure for the design of flavour quality was developed and successfully applied to the first Japanese light beer "Kirin Beer Light", launched in 1980. The main steps are (a) validation of flavour profile format by multiple regression (b) flavour mapping (conical plotting) based on discriminant analysis of sensory scores of beers, (c) setting the design target of flavour quality on the flavour map, (d) predetermination of levels of flavour components based on canonical correlation between sensory characteristics and flavour components, (e) empirical and scientific determination of brewing variables, (f) in the case of "Kirin Beer Light" the development of dual fermentation to compensate for poor body and match the flavour target. This method of flavour design is applicable to other fermented beverages.
Keywords : analysis beer computer design fermentation flavour light regression analysis statistics