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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1987, 24(4), 129-132. English, sp

Computer compatible parametric equations for basic brewing computation.

Lincoln, R.H.

Equations to replace and expand the empirical (1) extract table listing degrees Pluto versus pounds extract/barrel and (2) the table for extract determination in malt and cereals have been determined by a trial and error method to facilitate computerised process control in the brewing industry. Three equations are presented for the Schwarz and ASBC extract tables together with short IBM PC basic computer programs to test these equations. Equations for the relationship between degrees Pluto, specific gravity, pound of extract/barrel and pounds of water/barrel are also included, as is a 'Universal extract program' to produce an expanded ASBC and Schwarz laboratory extract table listing US, British and metric values. An application for one equation is used to produce a 'net weight of beer table', which is helpful to determine the contents of beer containers.
Keywords : brewing computer control industry process programming table