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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1987, 24(3), 95-99. English

Integrated approach to the construction, management and start-up of an automated brewhouse.

Arbour, R.

The Molson Brewery, founded in Montreal in 1786, began planning the redevelopment of its brewhouse in 1982 to provide for an output of 4 million barrels/year. In the planning the following were considered the main activities: 1. preliminary studies and architectural considerations, 2. organisation, 3. cost control and scheduling, 4. engineering, 5. equipment, 6. construction, 7. training and 8. start-up. Each of these activities are discussed separately. The brewery's own staff handled the project management. Seven vessels were installed in the brewhouse including 2 cereal cookers, 2 mash mixers and 3 lauter tuns. One requirement was that the lauter tuns should have the largest diameter that could be accomodated. The smallest acceptable was 30 ft in diameter which necessitated enlarging the building by 6 ft. The brewhouse is automated and controlled by a MOD 3106 computer with the display system consisting of 24 graphics and 30 associated status pages. Wort boiling is being carried out in an adjoining area. The installation was completed in November 1985 and the brewhouse is considered to be running at an efficiency of 97%.
Keywords : automation brewhouse construction design management