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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1987, 24(1), 21-27. English

Use of proanthocyanidin-free malt galant and/or physico-chemical stabilisation treatments for the production of chill-proof beers.

Delcour, J.A., Vanhamel, S., Moerman, E. and Vancraenenbroeck, R.

To estimate the level of beer haze produced by the proanthocyanidin-free malt, Galant beers were brewed using 100% Galant, 100% Triumph and 25%, 50% and 75% blends. An n-hexane tannin-free hop extract was used and the bitterness levels of the five beers produced were in the range 28.2 to 30.6 EBC units. After storage for 48 hours at 60oC the 0oC haze present in beers brewed with 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% Galant was 2.09, 4.55, 7.86, 10.13 and > 12 EBC haze units respectively (Radiometer Haze Meter type UKM1e). Corresponding figures for the 0oC haze stored at 25oC for 6 weeks were 1.8, 4.0, 7.3, 9.3 and > 12 EBC haze units, showing as before a linear relationship between decreasing proportion of Galant and increasing haze level. In a second series of experiments four beers were brewed using Galant + tannin-free hop extract, Galant + Saaz hops, Triumph + tannin-free hop extract and Triumph + Saaz hops. Each beer was stabilised using hydrolysable tannins (4 g/hl), proteolytic enzymes (2 g/hl) and polyvinylpolypyrrolidine (20 g/hl). The colloidal stability produced by these treatments increased in the order given. For beers stored at room temperature or 28oC malt proanthocyanidins are more haze active than hop proanthocyanidins but for beers stored at 60oC the reverse is true.
Keywords : anthocyanidin barley beer chillproofing haze malt