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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(4), 115-118. English

Malt analysis - its significance to brewers.

Britnell, J.

Malting procedures can be altered to cope with seasonal differences in barley quality so as to produce malt to a given specification. Alternatively, the malting procedure can be left unchanged provided that changes in specification can be tolerated. To take full advantage of new barley varieties and of recent advances in malting technology, decisions on these alternatives should be taken with a sound awareness of the significance of differences in malt analysis and on the relationship between them. The effects of extract, fine/coarse difference, diastatic power, protein, soluble nitrogen ratio and rate of adjunct addition have on brewhouse performance and beer quality are discussed and advice given on specifications. The meaning of conversion time and the relationship between extract, moisture and enzyme activity is explained. Protein levels of European and Canadian malts are compared and typical analysis of Canadian 6-row and 2-row malts tabulated.
Keywords : analysis brewing enzyme extract malt moisture content protein