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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(4), 136-139. English

A greenfield approach to the rationalisation of an existing brewery site and facilities.

Sykes, A.J. and Pendleton, H.

Ind Coope Brewery, Burton, produces 2.2 m barrels/annum of 35 different brands using plant designed originally to produce 10 brands and is currently coping with 187 brand/container combinations. To make the brewery more competitive and responsive to market changes, short term planning regimes were replaced by a long term planning programme. Greenfield Implementation Burton Brewery (GIBB) was given the task of assessing requirements for plant and equipment, evaluating market place alterations and reorganising manpower. An investment of #30 m was required for plant and buildings. Fermentation, cold storage and filtration processes were streamlined, packaging concentrated close to the main brewery site, a new warehouse constructed nearby and the traffic flow between the two brewery site improved by building a bridge and new roads. Computer controlled systems were used to aid design and for stock control. The work force was reorganised and redeployed. A reduction of 20% in staff (400) was achieved without enforced redundancies. A User Manager was assigned to each of the 47 GIBB projects to coordinate the management and installation of process equipment and to ensure that schedules were met. The brewery's Production Director was appointed as Unit Manager with overall responsibility for GIBB and the Managing Director as Manager for Organisational Development. The progress on the 3.5 year programm is discussed after 18 months of site work and almost 2 years of discussions dealing with team work and involvement.
Keywords : brewery brewing industry design equipment plant production