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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(3), 97-99 English

Experiences with microprocessor control of keg racking and associated diagnostic and information systems.

Millican, J.G.

A Canongate Embra keg line control system has recently been installed at the Scottish and Newcastle Brewery, Manchester. The major components controlled by microprocessor are: palletiser, external washer, spear tightener, washer/racker, weigher, labeller, palletiser and conveyors feeding this equipment. Fault analysis and diagnostic programs are included in the system and make a significant contribution to its efficiency. Information on equipment efficiency, analysis of 'downtime', servicing records, planned maintenance schedules etc., is stored and can be readily retrieved. The advantages of using this control system are outlined with particular reference to the program addressable temperature probes, time control, self calibrating beer meters, program flexibility and the automatic control of weighing machines.
Keywords : beer brewing control identification information kegging microprocessor problem