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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(3), 89-91. English

Measuring supervisory ability using the development centre concept.

MacKellar, P.R.

The Labatt Brewing Co., Canada, with 12 breweries spanning a distance of 4500 miles has set up a system for assessing the ability of staff to be employed in supervisory roles. In the 'Supervisory Development Centre', training and development programs in brewing, packaging and warehousing have been devised. The process involved six key steps; commitment, research, design, training staff, implementation and 'follow through'. Ability is assessed on the basis of; problem solving and decision making, scheduling and organising, coordinating, monitoring (including reporting and information), enforcing policy and safety, appraising, rewarding and disciplining, communicating, relating, demonstrating leadership, displaying initiative and effort, maintaining and up-grading skills and training. Since its creation 95% of all supervisory staff have been trained at the centre in brewing, packaging and warehousing in both English and French.
Keywords : brewery brewing management personel training