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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(2), 61-63. English

Quality improvement through p.u. control during pasteurization and advance in energy conservation system.

Mueller, B.

Improvements in product quality and reductions in operational costs can be brought about by tightening control over the conditions used in tunnel pasteurizing. Overpasteurization during stoppages can be avoided and pasteurization kept within a narrow PU range by reducing the spray temperature in the super-heat and holding zones to below 120oF rather than stop the spray altogether. By adding cold water to the heating zones during the run-out mode the temperature of beer leaving the pasteurizer can be brought closer to its target level. If the system is properly designed this water can be utilized several times reducing the cold water requirement by more than half.
Keywords : beer conservation control energy pasteurisation quality tunnel