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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(2), 37-43. English

The effect of trub on fermentation.

Siebert, K.J., Blum, P.H., Wisk, T.J., Stenroos, L.E. and Anklam, W.J.

Wort containing trub in suspension undergoes a more vigorous fermentation than bright wort giving higher attenuation and a larger, more viable yeast crop. This effect has usually been attributed to the stimulation of yeast growth by nutrients particularly unsaturated lipids. Although the addition of some lipids to bright wort produced this stimulation it could also be observed when activated charcoal or diatomaceous earth was added. This indicates that particles in suspension irrespective of their nature act as nucleation sites for CO2 evolution and so reduce the concentration of dissolved CO2, partially relieving the inhibition known to be caused by CO2. It follows that the difficulties sometimes found when bright worts are fermented are probably caused by a high degree of CO2 inhibition.
Keywords : carbon dioxide fermentation growth stimulation turbidity wort yeast