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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(1), 14-21. English

Combi-tank development at moosehead breweries limited (new brunswick).

Skinner, E.D.

Vertical-conical combi-fermentation tanks were first installed at the Moosehead Breweries in 1979. Since then technological developments have led to improvements in design. Although some of this technology came from the suppliers and other breweries, a number of items have been modified or developed by a project team at the brewery. This has led to improvements in layout and has provided easy access for operation and maintenance. The configuration of the product manifold has been redesigned to provide the operator with visual contact and manual control back-up from one side of the manifold. The gas manifold has also been modified for visual and manual access. The seal tank and foam trap have been combined in a common vessel and sight glasses incorporated to allow the seal tank, waste gas manifold and collected gas manifold to be visually inspected for cleanliness and valve integrity. A fermenter control unit has been developed and is described by Cumberland, W.G., MacDonald, D.M. and Skinner, E.D. in a previous article. A concise and complete operator manual describes the step-by-step procedure for both automatic and manual sequences. Carbonating stones have been mounted externally and a C.I.P. buffer tank incorporated to resolve problems encountered during C.I.P.
Keywords : brewing cylindroconical tank design fermentation gas