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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1986, 23(1), 1-6. English

Design, construction and commissioning of an automatic malting plant.

Brookes, P.A.

A malting plant has been built for Albrew Maltsters Limited. Its design takes advantage of the latest research into dormancy, water sensitivity, abrasion and treatment with gibberellic acid by using separate vessels for steeping, germination and kilning. The 42 metre tower has a central core that provides a duct for grain movement and services. The main shell and core were constructed using the slip form method where concrete is poured continuously. All grain movements, malt processing and the relay of information to management and plant operators is controlled by microprocessor. Energy consumption has been kept to between 2.5-3 GJ/tonne of malt by using heat exchangers and thysistor controlled motors. The level of s-methyl methionine is kept between 1-10 mg/kg of malt by precise control of temperature and airflow in germination and kilning. Enzyme levels are also precisely controlled. The plant produces ale and lager malts to five different specifications sufficient for the production of 2 m barrels of beer/year.
Keywords : automation construction design malting tower