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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1985, 22(4), 154-159. English

Fermentation Symposium—Part II
Application of a Commercial Barley Beta-Amylase in Brewing.

Norris, K. and Lewis, M.J.

Food-grade barley beta-amylase, commercially available in bulk, was tested on the laboratory and pilot-plant scale to evaluate its potential utility in mashing. When mash temperature was varied between 60 and 80°C and adjunct ratio between 0 and 98%, wort fermentability was affected more than extract yield. Therefore, mashing appears to be a beta-amylase limited process. When used in the fermentation, barley beta-amylase markedly increased fermentability and may find special application in the production of reduced dextrin beers.
beta-Amylase, Brewing, Enzymes, Fermentation, Mashing