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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1985, 22(3), 87-91. English

Optimization of brewery energy systems using computer-aided engineering principles.

Brandon, H. and Puskarz, S.

System simulation gives an assessment of brewery termal systems. Equations for the performance characteristics of components in the system (pumps, heat exchangers etc.) together with energy and mass balances form a set of simultaneous equations whose solution gives the energy requirement of the system. Simulation will reveal if the system is workable. Optimization is the process of identifying the best system from a set of alternatives without having to enumerate or evaluate them all. To calculate the minimum energy usage of a multi-component thermal system for different outlet values could involve investigating millions of combinations. These can be reduced to a few hundred by using optimization techniques. Equations can then be solved by computer analysis. Interactive computer graphics have been used by engineers to create, manipulate, store and interrogate pictures of objects. Examples are used to demonstrate how these techniques can be used to obtain an optimum design for an energy system. There has been good agreement between simulation forcasts and actual performance.
Keywords: brewery computer control economisation energy engineering prospect