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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1984, 21(1), 9-26. English

Beer stability - a key to success in brewing (mbaa award of merit lecture).

Dadic, M.

A survey discusses the interdependence of haze and flavour stabilities in beer, factors involved in beer staling, the effects of polyphenols and tannins on chill and permanent hazes, and methods of improving the shelf life of a beer. Among the latter, the choice of a malt with the optimal content of anthocyanogens and catechins, accelerating haze formation by addition of tannic acid, delaying haze formation by addition of chillproofing agents such as proteolytic enzymes, PVPP, and silica gels, the addition of antioxidants and the use of a "no-additive approach" are all discussed. Finally methods for predicting haze and flavour life are described, most of which have been found to be inadequate. 227 refs.
Keywords: beer colloidal stability flavour haze polyphenol protein stabilisation staling survey