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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1984, 21(4), 160-165. English

Selection of the optimal working conditions in the cooker using a viscograph.

Garza Cantu, R., Garza Ulloa, H. and Canales Gaja, A.M.

The optimisation of working conditions in the cooker is discussed using the results from a viscograph which measures and records the viscosity changes of a suspension at different temperatures. Viscographs were obtained from test solutions of sorghum grits with variations in the temperature/time curve, pH levels, alpha amylase concentration, calcium ion concentration, solids to water ratio and grits granulometry. The optimisation of these parameters is shown to be important to achieve a better starch gelatinisation and subsequent liquefaction by the action of alpha amylase.
Keywords: brewing extract gelatinisation mashing sorghum viscosity