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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1984, 21(3), 112-123. English

Assessment of filterability of beer and wort.

Siebert, K.J. and others.

A laboratory scale membrane filtration test previously described by Esser was modified and results obtained with it were compared with those of pilot scale diatomaceous earth (d.e.) and cellulose pulp filtration. A linear relationship between all three procedures was found for beer at the end of lager storage, but when more than two million yeast cells/ml were present the relationship was curvilinear. The membrane filterability test was judged to be a useful rapid screening tool and was employed to study the process and to compare products. It can also be applied to fine tune the addition rate of processing aids and to study the composition of filter-blocking particles.
Keywords: beer filterability filterability (determination of) wort