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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1983, 20(2), 68-73. English

The Evolution of the Concentric Valve Keg System—1930/1982.

Allum, L.L.

This paper was originally entitled “The Evolution of the British Keg System 1930/1969,” and has been updated to include the developments in kegging since 1970. It reviews: I. The changes in the U.K. and what brought about the transition from draught naturally conditioned beer to chilled, filtered, and/or flash pasteurized beer. Included in this segment will be a historical overview which traces the growth and continued acceptance of the concentric valve keg system. II. The history and development of the keg style and its integral concentric valve including related dispensing equipment. III. Keg processing and handling equipment—what it was, where it is today. IV. What impact the concentric valve has had in areas where kegging is now established.