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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1983, 20(2), 53-67. English

Beer: Art and Science.

Canales Gajá, A.M.

Beer has been a constant and loyal companion of man for many centuries. It is frequently present in man’s most important events throughout his sojourn on earth. There is something mystic and irresistible about beer. Were this not so, how could we explain the fact that in nations with such tremendous differences in philosophical concepts, social and economical systems and racial roots as the United States of America, The Federal Republic of Germany, The United Kingdom, The Soviet Union and Japan,—the top brewing countries—beer is produced and consumed in such enormous quantities and enjoys a unique prestige and acceptance? Art and Science have intertwined to achieve a perfect balance that has resulted in the extraordinary success of beer as a universal beverage. This paper intends to point out the milestones contributed by Art and Science to modern brewing. As an addendum, some art masterpieces in which beer is the main subject are shown.