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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1983, 20(4), 154-159. English

Resource optimisation in brewing.

Lorenzen, K.

Using waste water as a basis, a number of technical innovations are discussed to reduce the discharge to the sewer of water, extract by-products and energy. At Fredericia all effluent data (flow, pH, temperature, SS and COD) are recorded in the process computer. The programme involved: 1) installation of a decanter centrifuge for processing and recycling Strainmaster spent grains press liquor; 2) an employee educational programme; 3) recovery of hot water in the brewhouse; 4) energy conservation in the bottling plant by regenerating waste heat to heat incoming fresh air. The savings involved are listed. In addition the potential uses of brewers yeast and spent grains are briefly discussed.
Keywords: brewery by-product computer control energy economisation saving spent grains waste water