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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1983, 20(3), 89-92. English

Preparation and packaging of export beers from the u.k. to the americas.

Powell-Evans, M.H.B.

When supplying a far-away export market the emphasis must be on 100% saleability. High standards of biological, non-biological and flavour stability are vital. Correct cold conditioning and filter operation will ensure the absence of chill haze. The use of silica hydrogel and PVPP will prevent the formation of protein/polyphenol hazes. Strict prevention of air pick-up will ensure good flavour stability as well as prevent the formation of oxidation hazes. The cost can be minimised by using silica hydrogel as a filter aid replacement and by using immobilised PVPP. Good brewery hygiene should ensure a sound product free of microbiological taint. In the USA individual states have a wide variety of laws affecting the labelling and packaging of alcoholic drinks and an effective system to ensure that the correct label, crown, etc. are put together, is essential.
Keywords: beer quality biological stability export beer flavour oxygen packaging stabilisation