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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/Feb/March 1981, 18(1), 49-52. English

Optimisation of effluent treatment in a large new brewery.

Seddon, A.W. and Woodland, R.

The paper recounts the experiences involved in the design, commissioning, development and operation of a brewery effluent pretreatment plant. The plant consists of 2 primary settling tanks, double pass flocor tower and 2 secondary settling tanks, together with ancillary equipment to handle desludging, pH control and the necessary screening and sampling systems. Scientific control of the operation was initially difficult to establish, and the paper illustrates the many developments and actions taken in the brewery, the packaging complex, the water treatment plant and the effluent plant itself to achieve a satisfactory operation in the fifth year.
Keywords: brewery effluent treatment