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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/Feb/March 1981, 18(1), 11-21. English

Multivariate procedures in sensory research: scope and limitations.

Powers, J.J.

Sensory quality of a product cannot be judged by studying the effect of individual compounds on the overall flavour. Single chemical tests may sometimes be used to distinguish good from bad. For judging 2 beers, both of which are acceptable, the differrences are revealed by the pattern of sensory qualities. The brewing industry has already recognised this principle as judged by increasing use of multivariate descriptive analysis, such as Quantitative Descriptive Analysis, to evaluate several sensory attributes concurrently. Some efforts have also been made to correlate sensory patterns with chemical patterns. Examples of the application of multivariate methods to sensory and objective data, to the correlation of these 2 kinds of measurement, limitations of such methods, and applications to product formulation, quality assurance, purchasing specifications and understanding of the relations of chemical composition to sensory acceptablity are discussed and illustrated.
Keywords: statistical analysis taste test