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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/Feb/March1981, 18(1), 7-10. English

Better reports of sensory evaluation.

Larmond, E.

The experimental design selected for conducting the study and the method of analysing the data obtained will influence the accuracy of the results. The experimental design selected depends on the objective of the study. The number of panellists used will influence the statistical significance of the results. The reliability and validity of the results will vary according to the selection, training and instructions that the panelists are given. The method used will govern the type of information obtained. The best method can only be selected for a test by carefully considering the test objective. In setting up tests, efforts are made to provide the panelists with the optimal setting for unbiased judgement (i.e. a special room free of odours and distractions). The report of sensory evaluation tests must be complete and accurate. It should describe procedures established and enforced so that data will be reliable and conclusions valid.
Keywords: taste panel taste test