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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., April/May/June 1981, 18(2), 53-58. English

On-site preparations of high solids profile controlled liquid adjunct.

Hart, G., Harvey, R. and Witt, P.

A process using refined grits (pearl starch) and a specially designed continous syrup preparation equipment has been developed that can economically prepare a brewery syrup on site. The extract produced contains 7% dextrose, 52 to 56% maltose and 10 to 12% triose. The continuous processing equipment is automated and capable of converting high solids carbohydrate slurries, and is versatile enough to handle other starchy grains e.g. rice, milo etc. Enzymes used are conventional i.e. malt or bacterial alpha amylase. The method produces a liquid adjunct with a suitable carbohydrate profile and utilizes a high pressure steam jet conversion and normal brewing enzymes. Data are presented on corn and corn/rice conversions.
Keywords: automatic continuous process production syrup