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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., July/Aug/Sept. 1980, 17(3), 127-129. English

Evaluating the Beer Packaging and Shipping Operation.

Spire, C.L.

When the question is asked, how well did the bottle shop or warehouse perform the previous week, the reply is all too often stated in terms of shop efficiency or cases out the door. It is rare when a supervisor responds with a comment concerning cost, employee relations, quality, safety, or sanitation. All managers admit that these are all important areas but they normally place them in a second or lower position behind efficiency. This is a big mistake because no one area is independent of all other areas. They are all very much interrelated and must each be treated with particular emphasis by management. How does the manager do this? Basically, he uses two common management tools: monitoring and controlling. He must monitor each area to determine how his department is performing in that area; with this performance information, he must then apply a controlling function to get the desired results. There are many measureable performance indicators in each of the six objective areas within Beer Packaging and Shipping. By monitoring these we can better evaluate our departments. We will also have more accurate information available to make better decisions in the control of our operation.