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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., April/May/June 1980, 17(2), 98-101. English

Changes in nitrogen, polyphenol and fatty content in beer following enzymatic action.

Gorinstein, S. and others

The NOVO enzymes, Termamyl 60L, Neutrase 1.5S, Cereflo 200L and Fungamyl 800L were employed in a number of combinations with grists of 100% malt; 50% malt, 50% sorghum or 60% malt, 40% sorghum. The worts and beers obtained were examined for the presence of phenolic and nitrogenous compounds as well as attenuation limit and chill haze stability. Glycerol was also found in all the beers and its identity was confirmed by IR and MS techniques. Glycerol occurred in the beers in the range 6 to 20 mg/100 ml. In general, sorghum in the grist tended to reduce both polyphenols and nitrogenous compounds in the worts and beer. Use of enzymes tended to cause an increase in the amount of nitrogenous compounds present compared to the 60% malt grist but the 100% malt grist gave rise to the highest soluble nitrogen levels of all the brews.
Keywords: additive beer composition enzyme fatty acid nitrogenous compound polyphenol