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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct./Nov./Dec. 1980, 17(4), 210-214 English

Hydrogen sulphide in brewing. ii.

Takahashi, T. and others

We studied further the periodic behaviour of H2S peaks in connection with yeast cell cycle during growth. The results are as follows. (I) The hydrogen sulphide behaviour corresponded to each cell generation (each cell cycle) during synchronous yeast growth. i) Hydrogen sulphide always increased during cell maturation period in each cell cycle, i.e. the period between cytokinesis and the following bud initiation. ii) Hydrogen sulphide always decreased during budding period in each cell cycle. (II) The purging effect accompanying CO2 evolution had to be considered also as a reason for the reduction of H2S, especially after yeast growth ceased. Not vertified.
Keywords: brewing cell cycle fermentation hydrogen sulphide