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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct/Nov/Dec. 1980, 17(4), 177-183. English

Computer modelling of packaging lines.

Manning, H.

The Pabst Brewing Company's method of development and use of compute modelling of packaging lines to upgrade productivity is described. The production line is defined as consisting of 3 basic elements: machines, conveyors and control logic. Running speed, failure rate and failure durations are determined for th machines. For conveyors, the important parameters are length, speed and pack density. Using the information gathered a mathematical simulation model can be produced. Failure analysis, hourly output comparisons and lost time allocations can be compared between the real line and the model line to confirm that the model accurately represents the line. A lost time matrix can then be produced showing the interactions between machines and how lost time at one machine is caused by any other machine in the line. Thus improvements can be made to the system.
Keywords: computer control equipment packaging