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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., July/Aug/Sept. 1979, 16(3), 111-115. English

Brewery energy conservation.

Bates, E.V.

The efficient use of energy has become a major factor in the profitability of a brewery. Furthermore, the cost of energy is predicted to increase at an even greater rate in the future. In the Brewing Industry, 80% of the energy used is for process heating. Consequently to effect savings in this area, processing methods must be changed while still maintaining product quality. It is pointed out, for instance that most of the electrical consumption in a brewery is used for powering refrigeration plants. In the paper, the author examines the areas of action which will produce immediate results. These include condensate return systems, recycling of cooling water, effective control of boiler efficiencies and the latest developments in electrical power consumption. Longer range possibilities directly affecting the process are also considered, including water and heat recovery in pasteurisers, flash pasteurisation techniques, heat recovery from brewhouse stacks and reduced wort boiling times.
Keywords: brewing industry costs economisation energy