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Tech. Q Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct/Nov/Dec. 1979, 16(4), 176-181. English, sp

Trace analysis of trans 2-nonenal in beer by two-dimensional high resolution gas chromatography.

Strating, J., Westra, W.M., Verhagen, L.C. and Slotema, F.P.

Hexane extracts of fresh and stale beer, to which Sudan Red was added as an indicator, were subjected to adsorption chromatography on silica gel. Adsorbed components were isolated and concentrated by backflushing the silica gel with a small volume of a mixture of freon-11/methanol (1:1). Samples obtained in this way were analysed by application of two dimensional gas chromatography on Carbowax 20M and SE-30 glass capillary columns. It is shown that small amounts of trans-2-nonenal can be determined quantitatively in beer at flavour threshold concentration.
Keywords: analysis beer gas chromatography 2-nonenal