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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct/Nov/Dec. 1979, 16(4), 186-189. English, sp

Abbreviated brewing techniques using air classified malt flour. part i. preparation of air classified low-fibre malt flour for brewing.

Vose, J.R.

Production of malted barley flour containing less than 9% protein and 2% crude fibre was achieved by roller milling, screening (430 microns), pin milling and finally air classification of the finely milled flour. This final process appeared to result in a concentration of the amylolytic enzymes into the more dense starchy fraction. The combination of processes did not cause any physical damage to the starch granules as demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy. The end products of this system were a coarse, high fibre fraction (30 to 35% yield); a protein enriched (27 to 30% protein) malt flour (10 to 15% yield) and a low fibre starchy flour (55 to 63% yield).
Keywords: accelerated brewing flour malt milling process