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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., April/May/June 1978, 15(2), 110-115. English

Variations in the hectoliter-weight of malt stored in silos and their erroneous effects on the determination of inventories.

Rodriguez Crespo, L., Uhlig, K., Vilacha, C. and Maier, T.W.

Inventories of grains in silos are made by determining the height of grains and hence the volume occupied and multiplying by the density of the stored material (hectolitre weight or bushel weight). The effect of the column of material on the compactness of the grains was determined by weighing malt into a silo using carefully calibrated scales, removing and weighing fixed quantities and determining the malt volume as accurately as possible from the height of the levelled surface. As on previous occasions, a large discrepancy was found between the actual and calculated weight of grains based on the laboratory hectolitre weight. Correction factors were established for 2 row and 6 row malts. Closely similar results were obtained for both types of malt.
Keywords: density malt silo weighing