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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., July/Aug/Sept. 1978, 15(3), 140-144. English, sp

Practical yeast management, strain selection and propagation.

Poirier, M.X. and Lang, F.

A brief review is presented of the factors affecting the development of beer character and flavour. Investigations carried out by a small brewery into their yeast strain(s) and method of yeast management are described. The brewery was dependent on outside sources for their yeast supply and it was decided that they should attempt to become self sufficient in yeast. A compartmented, refrigerated, insulated stainless steel yeast holding tank was built and new yeast buggies and a vibrating yeast screen were purchased. A yeast washing procedure, whereby yeast was washed with phosphoric acid at a pH of 2.2 for two hours every second generation was instituted. An investigation was carried out to identify the yeast strain(s) present in the brewing yeast used and this investigation, together with determination of the yeast brewing characteristics, are described.
Keywords: brewers' yeast brewing fermentation flavour pitching yeast strain