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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct./Nov./Dec. 1978, 15(4), 207-214 English

Filler performance assessment

Miller, S.

As a result of the advent of a large variety of filling machines on to the North American market in the last few years Labatt's have developed an assessment procedure for various filling machines. The main objective was to be able to forecast better machine performance prior to purchase. The machine specification was based on certain criteria namely in-package air, CO2variations, fill control and mechanical efficiency. It was felt that by using both statistical and electromechanical devices a relatively simple means of determining the existence of significant differences in filling machine performance could be developed. To substantiate this approach and the above procedures a long tube filler and a short tube filler with air pre-evacuation were examined on two existing lines. The paper describes the experiments carried out and the simple statistical methods used to evaluate the data collected. Mechanical efficiency was obtained through the use of a two channel strip chart event recorder one channel of which was connected to the filler itself. To simplify calculations and interpretation a refinement and recording data was evaluated which involved the use of a mini computer with a TV screen for displaying pertinent data.
Keywords: air beer carbon dioxide control filling performance