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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct./Nov./Dec. 1978, 15(4), 198-203 English

Modern surface coatings in the modern brewery

Niedt, G.S.

The author points out that surface protection of metal and masonry is required in a brewery only because the substrate which it covers is inferior to its environment. Being familiar with what affects the substrate those in the coatings industry seek to put a barrier between the environment and the materials of construction. It is this thin barrier that is responsible for the prevention of plant shutdown. FDA disapproval, unsightliness, unsanitary conditions and their resultant loss of revenue. New construction and the maintenance of existing plants are both considered. It is pointed out that non-stop operations preclude continuing maintenance of coatings and therefore it is of the utmost importance that the initial application is of a high standard. The criteria for surface coatings in ten major areas of a brewery are discussed. In each case specific recommendations are made for coatings for the supporting steelwork, the walls and the ceilings. Advice is also given on when to use bare concrete, concrete coated or seamless concrete floors. The various materials available are also described in detail and their cost and other advantages or disadvantages are listed. The author concludes by pointing out that as coatings are used to protect inferior surfaces, they must be right.
Keywords: brewing coating construction costs