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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct/Nov/Dec. 1977, 14(4), 197-208. English

Analysis of metallic ions in brewing materials, wort, beer and wine by inductively coupled argon plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy.

Charalambous, G. and Bruckner, J.K.

Argon plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (APAES) is a relatively new technique in which the nebulized sample is excited in high temperature argon plasma produced using a powerful radio frequency field. Unlike atomic absorption spectroscopy it is possible with APAES to measure several metals together although this may mean a loss in sensitivity in some cases. The computerized machine used in this paper was captable of measuring 25 metal ions in a liquid sample in 2 min. Sensitivity in all cases was below parts/million level. Wine and wort samples require no pre-treatment whilst decarbonation is all that is necessary for beer. Solid material must be wet ashed before analysis is possible. Tests against other analytical techniques indicate that APAES gives comparable results and the level of reproducibility is quite acceptable. The major disadvantage of the new technique is that the equipment is expensive and requires the constant attention of a skilled operator.
Keywords: analysis atomic absorption spectroscopy beer mineral wine wort