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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/March 1976, 13(1), 40-43. English

Envir-o-can. a new solution for ring-tab litter.

Dister, J. and Read, C.D.

The conventional ring-pull end, used almost universally on metal beverage packages, has gained a high level of consumer acceptance. However, since the ring-tab is completely detachable, it also has created a disposal problem. Recently developed technology involving a laminated tape and adhesive offers a solution to the ring-tab litter problem. ENVIR-O-CAN with a new end design with a pre-punched opening sealed by a ringed, laminated tape. The adhesive used to apply the tape allows opening in the standard force range when the ring is pulled. However, a differential sheer characteristic is introduced in the adhesive technology which leaves the ring-tab permanently attached to the end after opening. ENVIR-O-CAN offers safety in opening and provides a sanitary drinking surface. The end unit can be manufactured from either aluminium or steel and has been product compatibility tested and approved.
Keywords: aluminium beer can closure design metal steel waste