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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/March 1976, 13(1), 26-30. English

The adjunct fermentation process. part ii. trials in a 10-hl pilot brewery.

Moll, M. and Duteurtre, B.

This method of fermentation has been used in pilot trials on the ten hectolitre scale. Corn grits were replaced by a starch derived syrup which was fermented separately and then blended with a pure malt beer prior to final filtration. The malt beer was lagered in the usual way and the fermented syrup was not lagered. The resulting beer which had an original gravity of 10 degrees Plato, was compared with a beer of similar strength prepared by the conventional method from a grist including 70% of malt and 30% of corn grits. The fermentation of the syrup solution required between 24 and 72 hours according to its gravity: five times the normal pitching rate of yeast was used. The resulting product had analytical characteristics similar to those of conventional beer, and tasting results were encouraging.
Keywords: adjunct beer brewing composition pilot plant volatile compound