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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/March 1976, 13(1), 44-50. English

Control of brewing processing losses.

Lieberman, C.E.

This paper presents a method for calculating brewery processing losses of raw materials, wort and beer, on the basis of extract. Breweries normally utilise weight and volume measurements at strategic stages in the process, and standard methods of analysis may be applied to determine the amount of extract or its equivalent in product inventories throughout the process and in the packaged product released to the market. These tools combine to give a means of appraising efficiencies and losses at each point in the operation. Attention is called to sources of variations in these calculations and to reduction of discrepancies. The magnitude of the losses of extract at each stage in the process is considered with some suggestions made or implied on how these losses can be controlled without jeopardizing the quality of the finished product. A format for the calculation is proposed.
Keywords: beer brewing extract production wort