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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/Feb/March 1975, 12(1), 63-68. English

The drawn and ironed beer can.

Maeder, E.G.

This paper reviews the history of the beer can and shows what enormous impact the drawn and ironed can has had on the race to more efficient containers. A chronological table provides data on the 'predrawn and ironed' threepiece cans to the latest threepiece, double necked TFS cans as well as drawn and ironed aluminium and steel cans. Can performance requirements are examined to provide a base for further optimising with metal usage. In that light, strip layouts are also examined. Lighter weight cans are imperative, to stretch the metal available to the industry. The cupping and drawn and ironed portions of the process are shown schematically.
Keywords: beer can construction