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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., Jan/Feb/March 1975, 12(1), 58-62. English

The potential for energy conservation in the brewing industry.

Waterland, A.F.

America's industry uses about 44% of the total energy consumed by the nation. In addition, industry requires raw materials of feed stock that are derived from fuel sources or have fuel value. This represents another 11% of the total US energy consumption, bringing the total to 55%. Industry must both increase the supply of energy and increase the beneficial results obtained from each unit expended. Studies have shown that it is possible to find savings of 7 to 15% in nearly every large industrial facility. However, because energy has always been inexpensive, engineers have not been trained with the technical expertise to produce these savings. Many steps can be taken to realise energy savings, including repairing steam leaks, controlling excess air in combustion operations utilising condensate return, and using topping turbines. With a strong commitment from top management, significant energy reductions can be made.
Keywords: brewing industry economisation energy steam survey