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Tech. Q. Master. Brew. Assoc. Am., 1975, 12(4), 222-227. English

Design, construction and start-up of pilot malting, brewing, and storage facilities.

Hahn, C.W. and Coors, J.H.

The pilot malting incorporates a design similar to the new static tower malthouse. A single stainless steel insulated vessel is used for steeping, germinating and kilning 1100 lb of grain with close control of temperature, humidity and air flow. Immediate brewing with this malt produced an acceptable wort. The pilot brewhouse comprises rice pressure cooker (17 brl), mash tun (24 brl) and kettle (40 brl). All vessels are steam jacketed and have bottom entry agitators. Valves and pumps are remotely activated from a control console. The normal double decoction mashing technique is duplicated in the pilot brewery. After mash filtration and hop boil the wort is transferred to a whirlpool for hop settlement and trub removal. Cooling is by plate heat exchanger. Fermenters are cylindro conical vessels. The facility permits quality control and developmental work such as evaluation of new barley varieties, adjunct type and quality. Process changes and problems can be simulated on the pilot scale. Finally, the pilot plant is well suited for training and instruction purposes.
Keywords: brewhouse brewing construction equipment malting pilot plant storage