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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1974, 11(2), 127-134. English

Role of individual compounds in beer staling.

Drost, B.W., Duidam, J., Hoekstra, S.F. and Strating, J.

The action of the lipoxygenase enzyme responsible for the formation of the trihydroxy derivative of linoleic acid has been studied under various malting and mashing conditions. Results of wort and beer analysis are given. Attention is drawn to the decomposition of trihydroxy linoleic acid in fresh beer and in model systems containing melanoidins. Carotenoids or their oxidation products were separated by thin layer chromatography. They gave different strong flavour impressions. Beers also examined by gas chromatography.
Keywords: beer linoleic acid lipoxygenase off flavour staling