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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., July/Aug/Sept. 1974, 11(3), 174-178. English

Effect on malt quality from physical treatment of the barley. part 1. squeezing barley after steeping.

Githua, P.M. and Barrell, G.W.

It has been found that gentle squeezing of barley grains, after wetting, by passing them through rollers set 1 to 2 mm apart, can increase extract yields in the final malts as compared with unsqueezed controls. In this treatment the pericarp and testa of the grain are not damaged. The correct conditions for severity and time of squeezing and moisture content at time of squeezing must be carefully selected and further investigations on these factors are being undertaken. But under certain conditions squeezing can have a deleterious effect upon malt modification and extract yields, probably as a result of premature embryo damage. It is possible that on the commercial scale, the pressures developed during mechanical turning of grain at inappropriate times could result in production of malts with reduced yields of extracts.
Keywords: barley malt malting pressure quality steeping