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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1974, 11(1), 17-20. English

Taste testing.

Canales, A.M. and Cantu, R.G.

Methods for selecting a panel of judges for a flavour profile testing are described. A list of 20 compounds with their thresholds is given on which this panel is trained. At the start of training the candidates are presented with these compounds at a level of 3 times the threshold so that they may learn to distinguish the compounds. They are then tested by being presented with these compounds at 4 different levels; threshold, 1.5 times threshold, 3 times threshold and 4.5 times threshold and they must identify all 4 concentration levels correctly. Only candidates attaining at least 16 successes out of 20 different compounds are tentatively included in the flavour profile panel.
Keywords: beer flavour quality taste test