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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., Oct/Nov/Dec. 1974, 11(4), 286-287. English

Automatic co2 measuring and dosing device.

de Brune, P., Cremer, J., Dorrenboom, J.J. and White, J.H.M.

The measuring device for carbon dioxide described consists of a measuring cell with 2 platinum electrodes and a resistance thermometer connected to a temperature transmitter. The beer sample enters a vapour chamber (connected to the measuring cell) and the piston in the vapour chamber moves to create a free space of approximately 5% of the total volume of the vapour chamber. An impulse on the electrodes causes the carbon dioxide to decompose. The beer sample builds up an equilibrium pressure in the vapour chamber. The differential pressure transmitter measures this pressure and also receives a correcting pressure signal from the temperature transmitter. The corrected signal from the differential pressure transmitter is transmitted during a certain period to an indicator, a recorder and/or regulating device. It operated independent of temperature with an accuracy of 0.01% carbon dixoide (by weight).
Keywords: analysis automatic carbon dioxide dosage equipment measurement